Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Post

OK, I'll be the first to post. Someone should probably start out with one of Tim's classic smarta$$ answers, but I'll start with a good one. I sent Tim an email to read 2 things:

From Coach Brett Sutton (Team TBB)

which is in response to Brandon's blog here (

His response is below. I took a alot away from this response. (hint: you may have to read between the lines, as you do with a lot of his responses)

I'm not sure what exactly I'm suppose to take from either.
I had read what Brandon wrote last night.

but here are my general thoughts.

Brandon is right.

Marketing screws us.

Kenyans are training for races that are 30min or less in length. but... that doesn't exclude these guys that are running 2hours almost all out.
Human physiology allows this to this point. beyond 2 hours calories are not available

White man developed a sport that last 3+ hours for the average person. .... that is by the way getting off the couch mid life.
don't even get me started about 10hrs +

Everyone wants to run faster. I say go do it. see how long that last.

Most of the mix of intervals i write are to entertain your brain as much as make you better.

There... there's my secret.

If I really had you go out and do it... " a certain way" the client would be brunt out and injured ... b/c they did start mid life and western culture has a lot of distractions.
for example... the read out on the power meter. :)

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